Iiro's DeepSky Sketches

Name: Messier 77Other name: NGC 1068
RA: 2h 42.7m DEC: -0° 1'
Constellation: CET
Type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 8.9
Size: 7.3' x 6.3'
PA: 70°
Surface brightness: 12.8
Classification: Sbp
Description: vB,pL,iR,sbMrrN
Notes: Seyfert,brtst in NGC 1068 grp
Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Location: Härskiänsaari, Ruokolahti, Finland
Date: 30/31.1.2006 18:45
Instrument: Newton 457/2280 mm
Magnification: 309xFilter: -
Field: 10'Seeing: 2
Background sky: 3NE lim mag: 6.3
Visuality: IHeight: 28°
Weather: -10°C, windy
Description: A famous Seyfert galaxy in Cetus. Very bright core is visible at every magnification but 309x shows much more. The core is almost stellar and surrounded by a brighter halo. There is a fine spiral structure visible. The northern arm is the easiest and it has a knot in the end. The southern arm is much harder but still obvious. There is also a brighter area on the east, it might be also a spiral arm.
Updated: 6.2.2006 20:16