Iiro's DeepSky Sketches

Name: IC 289Other name: PK 138+2.1
RA: 3h 10.3m DEC: +61° 19'
Constellation: CAS
Type: Planetary nebula
Magnitude: 12
Size: 45'' x 30''
Surface brightness: 12.3
Brightest star: 16.8
Classification: 4(2)
Description: pB,pL,R,bet 2 vF stars
Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Location: Härskiänsaari, Ruokolahti, Finland
Date: 13/14.10.2004 22:35
Instrument: Newton 406/1830 mm
Magnification: 292xFilter: UHC
Field: 10'Seeing: 3
Background sky: 2NE lim mag: 6.5
Visuality: IIIHeight: 60°
Weather: +2°C, windy
Description: Difficult ring structure is visible with averted vision at 292x and UHC. The ring is little brighter on the north part.
Updated: 22.10.2004 14:39