Iiro's DeepSky Sketches

Name: NGC 6217Other name: UGC 10470
RA: 16h 32.6m DEC: +78° 12'
Constellation: UMI
Type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 11.2
Size: 3.3' x 3.2'
Surface brightness: 13.2
Classification: SBbc Ring
Description: B,cL,lE,slBM
Notes: H I 280,Narrow filaments,Arp 185,UGC 10470
Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Location: Miettilä, Rautjärvi, Finland
Date: 3/4.10.2013 22:45
Instrument: Newton 300/1500 mm
Magnification: 214xFilter: -
Field: 23'Seeing: 2
Background sky: 2NE lim mag: 6.6
Visuality: IIHeight: 59°
Weather: +2°C, moist
Description: An interesting and bright spiral galaxy little bit north from UMi's box, easy to find. The main features of the spiral structure are easily in view but bigger telescope is needed to see small details which appear in photographs. The northern spiral arm is much bigger than southern one.
Updated: 6.10.2013 20:00