Iiro's DeepSky Sketches

Name: IC 2574
RA: 10h 29m DEC: +68° 21'
Constellation: UMA
Type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 10.2
Size: 13.2' x 5.4'
Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Location: Haakanala, Rautjärvi, Finland
Date: 9/10.4.2013 2:05
Instrument: Newton 457/2280 mm
Magnification: 88xFilter: -
Field: 46'Seeing: 2
Background sky: 2NE lim mag: 6.7
Visuality: IIIHeight: 66°
Weather: -8°C
Description: Coddington's Nebula can be found next to M81 and M82 in Ursa Major. It's a dwarf galaxy in M81 group. Visual magnitude is 10.2 but it has been spread over a large area making the surface brightness low. With an 18" telescope the galaxy is easily visible. A core area is clearly brighter than surrounding halo and there is a bright HII area on the north head. Averted vision and sweeping helps to determine halo's edges.
Updated: 27.9.2013 22:00