Iiro's DeepSky Sketches

Name: NGC 772Other name: UGC 1466
RA: 1h 59.3m DEC: +19° 0'
Constellation: ARI
Type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 10.3
Size: 7.5' x 4.3'
PA: 130°
Surface brightness: 13.9
Classification: Sb
Description: B,cL,R,gbM,r
Notes: H I 112,Several tightly coiled arms br on NW side,UGC 1466
Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Location: Haakanala, Rautjärvi, Finland
Date: 5/6.10.2011 0:35
Instrument: Newton 457/2280 mm
Magnification: 326xFilter: -
Field: 14'Seeing: 3
Background sky: 2NE lim mag: 6.6
Visuality: IHeight: 45°
Weather: +4°C, windy
Description: A bright galaxy but difficult details. A huge arm can be seen occasionally with averted vision but it appears much better with sweeping. The arm opens asymmetrically to NW and has brighter knots both side of the core. 13 mag NGC 770 on the east-side.
Updated: 28.2.2013 22:00