Iiro's DeepSky Sketches

Name: PK 219+31.1 (Abell 31)Other name: Abell 31
RA: 8h 54.2m DEC: +8° 55'
Constellation: CNC
Type: Planetary nebula
Magnitude: 12.2
Size: 16.8' x 15.6'
Brightest star: 15.5
Classification: 3a
Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Location: Haakanala, Rautjärvi, Finland
Date: 3/4.3.2011 22:35
Instrument: Newton 457/2280 mm
Magnification: 109xFilter: O-III
Field: 37'Seeing: 4
Background sky: 2NE lim mag: 6.7
Visuality: 5Height: 38°
Weather: -2°C, windy
Description: A grossly difficult object, only a weakly brighter area without clear borders through O-III filter. I was able to find out that there is little bit asymmetry on the southern part but that's all. Drawn much stronger than actually appeared.
Updated: 24.3.2011 21:01