Iiro's DeepSky Sketches

Name: NGC 300Other name: ESO 295-20
RA: 0h 54.9m DEC: -37° 41'
Constellation: SCL
Type: Galaxy
Magnitude: 8.1
Size: 19.3' x 13.3'
PA: 111°
Surface brightness: 14.3
Classification: Scd
Description: pB,vL,vmiE,vgpmbM
Notes: Large S-shaped,loose structured spiral
Observer: Iiro Sairanen
Location: Wicherina, Greenough, Australia
Date: 11/12.12.2009 0:35
Instrument: Newton 110/805 mm
Magnification: 62xFilter: -
Field: 66'Seeing: 2
Background sky: 1NE lim mag: 7.4
Visuality: IIHeight: 32°
Weather: +18°C
Description: A quite tricky galaxy because of low surface brightness and faint details that are visible with averted vision. There is a large core-area in the middle and some hints of spiral structure on the edges.
Updated: 27.8.2010 22:51